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Decision Support Software To Optimize Production Lines

June 22, 2021

Production lines are the most effective means for mass producing products at scale. But you can come across problems if parts of the production line become compromised or simply do not meet changing requirements. These problems can have a major negative impact on the ability to meet quotas. They could potentially affect the supply chain of the product in production. Remote visual assistance is a decision support software system that helps production lines deliver optimal functionality. The ability to review, support, and audit production lines in a dynamic 3D merged reality environment assists in fast decision making for minimal disruption.

Remote Visual Assistance for Decision Support

Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance assistance technology enables rapid and effective decision making for production line optimization. Research & Development (R&D) engineers use remote visual assistance technology to support collaboration with onsite engineers involved in production line optimization. They can effectively support decision-making in real time, from any location. All within a merged reality environment as if they were in person.

Industrial packaging, equipment suppliers, automotive engineers and many more can use remote visual assistance for a merged reality view of the production line. Whether on mobile or desktop, the Help Lightning app provides a 3D shared view. This allows people on either side of the screen to virtually reach into the other person’s view. They now are doing ‘hands-on’ collaboration that is as effective as in-person. 

How Remote Visual Assistance Works for Production Line Optimization

Remote visual assistance technology allows users to engage in a merged reality. This is where both sides see the same view on their desktop or mobile device. The person not physically present can reach into the screen to virtually touch objects, make annotations and drawings overlaid onto the shared view, and demonstrate how to do something as if both sides were in the same room together.

An Example of Decision Support Software on the Production Line

  1. A Research & Development (R&D) engineering company has been contracted to create equipment that will optimize the production line for an industrial packaging plant.
  2. The plans have been decided on after the R&D engineers visited the factory, but a few final decisions still need to be made between the R&D engineer and the factory engineer.
  3. The R&D engineer initiates a Help Lightning call with the factory engineer, needing to audit a particular section of the production line to ensure their plans are in alignment with the comprehensive needs of the line.
  4. The R&D engineer and the onsite factory engineer work together. Including virtually touching pieces of equipment and annotating on the screen for all required changes.
  5. Both sides review the annotations overlaying the equipment and can collaborate on any needed changes.
  6. The team makes a decision on how to move forward to most effectively accommodate the new plans.

The R&D engineer and the factory engineer could easily collaborate. They can quickly make informed decisions that would best serve the manufacturer’s requirements. The R&D engineer did not have to travel to the packaging plant, saving time and money associated with travel costs. Critical decision making happened quickly and effectively. 

Remote Visual Assistance Enables Effective Decision-Making

The ability to merge video screens and collaborate to work together on production line optimization supports highly effective decision making. Even when key stakeholders can not work together in person. This includes reviewing production line first batches, fine tuning for full production, or auditing the line and more. All can all be viewed together and engaged with as if everyone were working side by side. This is true no matter where users are located.

Decision support software supports several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) connected to production lines.

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience Using Decision Support Software Include: 

  • Effective, rapid decision-making
  • Increased equipment effectiveness
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better quality product output

Interested in learning about more use cases and how other companies are using remote visual assistance? Review our full list of 20 remote assistance use cases. Or download a shareable guide on remote assistance use cases.

Contact Help Lightning to Learn What Decision Support Software Can Do for Your Company

Decision support software enables production line optimization by helping engineers collaborate from anywhere. They can make decisions together in real time, while viewing and engaging with the exact same equipment. It’s true whether it’s a repair you need to make or a new component or piece of equipment that needs to be added. Effective decisions can be made quickly.

Also, learn about how remote ar assistance can help with factory acceptance testing.

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