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Optimize Your Customer and Tech Support With Call Center Video Support Software

July 20, 2021

Call centers are the locus of customer service initiatives. They also experience a high volume of virtual or phone-based requests for support. This presents a significant challenge because support persons have to assist customers without the use of clear visual cues. Call center video support software can be used to solve this tricky customer interface issue.

Augmented reality (AR) in the form of Remote Visual Assistance (RVA) can be utilized by call centers to up the ante with virtual customer service. This is especially useful for companies who provide support to internal or external audiences on physical goods. Imagine how complicated it is to explain a tricky device troubleshooting technique without the use of a visual interface. But with RVA, call center employees can provide real-time guided assistance as if they were there in person.

Keys to Utilizing Call Center Video Support Software

Call centers that provide remote customer support for complex products such as medical devices, manufacturing equipment, HVAC systems, or other appliances will find that an enhanced form of visual assistance can work wonders. 

Remote visual assistance offers video collaboration, enabled by augmented reality and carried out on a device you already have – like a tablet. It utilizes visual cues and augmented reality to give the impression that two people in separate locations are actually physically together. This is now possible by merging two video streams into one common view.

Call centers already make use of many clever tools to enhance customer support. It’s certainly challenging to meet customer expectations, keep employees calm, and resolve problems. And without leading to fiascos where customers are pushed from new person to new person as they seek a solution.

With RVA, many of the difficulties of call center support evaporate or are at least significantly remedied. When the customer interacts with a support person using a video screen, this builds empathy on both sides. They aren’t simply disembodied, irritable voices. But the real magic happens when the visual cues come into play. The customer can stay where they are, without having to anticipate someone barging into their house or workspace. They can receive assistance with their technical issue. They can also take part in helpful demonstrations that remove many of the barriers to confusing image-less explanations.

Where Call Center Video Support Software Makes the Most Difference

Technology customer service and support is rapidly growing as complex devices enter the consumer market at a breathtaking pace. Specialized call centers have become the go-to for tech industry leaders and device manufacturers. With video support software in place, it is much easier to keep customers happy. It helps resolve common product complaints or malfunctions.

Plus, you effectively boost morale. Not just for customers, but also for employees who take service calls. They themselves will feel much more confident in responding to customer concerns or issues. It is easier to provide assistance when your physical location doesn’t need to change but you are still able to demonstrate a solution as if you were there in person.

Growing The Virtual Environment Of Call Centers

There is also the added advantage that RVA solutions facilitate the growing virtual environment of call centers. Employees can take inbound calls from the comfort of their homes or from various company office locations. It is not as crucial that all of the support staff are in the same place.

An augmented reality video call provides the opportunity to foster a relationship between customers and the company or product they are concerned about. It is an environment where the customer can either become loyal to the company or have an experience that completely turns them away from it. With complex devices, customer loyalty is extremely important. This is because they can provide the word of mouth and long-term purchasing power that sustains a business.

Call centers are thus the key to keeping customers satisfied and impressed. With augmented reality, support specialists can transform customer expectations. They can tell the customer that they have got them covered and ask them to interact with a visual interface like a tablet. The support person will then guide them step-by-step through the troubleshooting process.

Call center visual support software is a game changer in the industry. It will make lifetime fans out of their customer base. It will even encourage employees to have greater pride in the services they offer. Plus, it helps call centers offer a truly helpful service to those who call in for support. Learn about how Help Lightning can support your first call resolution goals.

Help Lightning is the expert in guiding companies to implement augmented reality tools. Find all the information you need to begin using RVA – request a free demo today.

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