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How Remote Call Center Technology Saves Training Time and Reduces Costs

May 20, 2021

Looking for call center technology for training? The most effective way for technicians, service professionals, and anyone who is customer-facing to learn how to do their jobs is by apprenticing with an experienced colleague. Becoming skilled in technical jobs does not happen in a bubble. It happens by watching and observing leaders in your organization. And, skills are then continually crafted and refined with training throughout one’s career. Remote call center training capabilities enable companies to offer dynamic, in depth training that saves time and money. 

As a substantial number of skilled tradesmen, engineers, and service professionals retire, companies are struggling. They are challenged to provide the optimal amount of training to new employees. Remote call center training is a solution that leverages remote visual assistance technology. This makes training vastly more accessible to employees and customers. Employees and customers can be trained from anywhere, using remote assistance technology for a dynamic blend of teaching and on-the-job training. It ensures that training can be an ongoing process. One that is, importantly, always available to employees and customers who want and need it.

Effective Remote Call Center Training

Remote visual assistance technology supports call center training by allowing experts and trainees to merge their environments through a shared screen with augmented reality capabilities. Now, trainees can observe experts while they are on the job and can interact with the expert’s environment. Training can happen from anywhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, experts can oversee trainees while they are on the job. They can be virtually present to coach them through their work. This ensures that a skilled employee can be virtually present to guide new technicians on critical skills. 

How Remote Visual Assistance Supports Call Center Training

Remote visual assistance technology allows users to view a merged reality. This allows both sides to physically engage with the view on the screen. 

Example of What Remote Call Center Training Can Look Like 

  1. Peter is a mechanical engineer specializing in HVAC units, and he recently retired after 45 years on the job. He is an expert at what he does. And he wants to continue sharing his expertise without having to commit to a full time job.
  2. The company Peter worked for prior to retirement sells units wholesale and distributes them throughout the world. They hire him as a consultant to do remote virtual training for employees at the companies who’ve purchased their units.
  3. Once a week, Peter comes back to the office. Here he can privately train people on the company’s HVAC units no matter where they are located.
  4. Peter does trainings together with a young new mechanical engineer who learns right alongside the trainees at the other end of the screen. The plan is for the new engineer to elevate her knowledge so that she can one day do these trainings solo. 
  5. Using Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance platform, all service technicians, installation experts, and customer care specialists share a merged reality view of the unit.
  6. Everyone can engage with the equipment by reaching their hands into each other’s screens. Now, Peter can get very specific about showing them how to work with the unit, and problem solve when there are issues.
  7. This ‘hands on’ training is fast and effective, without having to send anyone onsite.

Everybody wins. Peter gets to continue working during retirement, but at a pace that suits him and does not require him to travel. Peter’s company gets to extend Peter’s expertise and provide expert service to train customers, while also training one of their own. The customer wins because their service call center is now fully trained to handle these units.

Leverage Remote Visual Assistance Technology for Call Center Training 

Training with call center video support looks different for every company. It serves a range of business sectors including the service industry, medical, manufacturing, engineering & construction, green energy, gas & oil.

Onsite engineers, installation experts, project managers, consultants, customer care, and technicians can be effectively supported throughout their training. So, they can learn ‘on-the-job,’ even if they cannot be physically in the same room with the person training them.

Remote visual assistance enhances call center training, supporting several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience with Remote Visual Assistance for Training Include: 

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Contact Help Lightning to Learn What Remote Visual Assistance Software Can Do for Your Company

Remote call center training allows companies to meet their customers in the field. As well as on the job site no matter where they are located. This high touch and specialized service enables highly effective training. 

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