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Augmented Reality Webinar: Year in Review

December 13, 2018

In the world of Augmented Reality, 2018 has been a year of breakthroughs and advancements sprinkled with a dash of hope and disappointment. With this informative augmented reality webinar, we reviewed headlines and highlights surrounding Augmented and Merged Reality activity from this past year.

Hear from Help Lightning CEO, Gary York, Ph.D. and ABI Principal Analyst, Eric Abbruzzese as they sift through the headlines, hype, and expectations to see where we landed and where we’re headed.

Gary York, Ph.D. is the CEO for Help Lightning, an innovative Merged Reality company. Gary is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his career at the boundary of what is possible and what is practical. He has held technical and executive positions with leading technology companies in Boston, Silicon Valley, and Alabama. Furthermore, York is a winner of the Smithsonian Innovation Award and the EDPA Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation.

Also joining York is Eric Abbruzzese, a Principal Analyst at ABI Research. Abbruzzese conducts research in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality, as well as other wearable devices such as smartwatches. Accordingly, His experience and continued research provide him a real-world perspective to help identify and analyze trends.

Together York and Abbruzzese will cover devices, content, platforms, and use cases across consumer and enterprise applications. Additionally, they will discuss gaming, video, and emerging technologies. 

This webinar is now available on-demand. Use this link to view the augmented reality webinar at any time.

How Help Lightning Works

When someone encounters a production or maintenance issue, they need an expert to be onsite immediately. With virtual expertise software, two video streams become merged into one. Therefore, users can collaborate and resolve an issue together. The remote expert can actually insert their hand into the merged video, use tools, and share documents. This simplifies the problem-solving process. Easy, right?

Using mobile devices, experts can now work with a partner as though they were side-by-side. You can telestrate, or write across the screen. It’s easy to freeze images and use hand gestures. You can even import documents and add real objects into the merged reality environment. So, using Help Lightning, experts can solve any problem, even from thousands of miles away.

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