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Enabling A Virtual Safety Audit With Remote Visual Assistance Software

June 8, 2021

Protecting worker safety is a top priority for most companies, making a routine safety audit essential. Everything from ensuring operators and technicians are using equipment properly to make sure equipment is operating optimally is required. Conducting consistent safety audits can be challenging and costly when specialists and auditors need to be onsite. Supporting a virtual safety audit is an ideal solution.

Support Regulatory Compliance

Timely safety audits are essential to protect workers and maintain compliance with laws and regulations. Proof of complete audit is also often required to obtain permits, and can be required when bidding or contracting jobs. However, getting all of the necessary experts onsite to conduct thorough safety audits can be difficult, leading to costly project delays.

Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance software enables companies to conduct a comprehensive virtual safety audit. Because audits are virtual, key personnel can carry out the audit from anywhere. All for the fraction of time and cost of in-person audits. 

Using remote visual assistance technology, a merged reality video stream allows auditors and safety specialists to have complete control over inspections from anywhere. They can virtually reach into the screen and point out potential problems, areas that are not in compliance, and even project risk of future problems.

What a Virtual Safety Audit Looks Like Using Remote Visual Assistance Technology

Remote visual assistance technology allows users to view a merged reality. This allows both sides to physically engage with the view on the screen. 

A Virtual Safety Audit Example 

  1. A general contractor has been notified that OSHA will be inspecting their job site, and they want to ensure all equipment is running safely prior to the visit.
  2. The safety engineer is on another job site a few hours away. Instead of asking him to travel to the site of the pending inspection, the equipment operator can initiate a Help Lightning call to conduct a safety audit.
  3. The safety engineer guides the equipment operator to review all of the equipment onsite. With a merged reality view, the safety engineer can reach into the screen and point to specific areas in need of attention.
  4. Because the safety engineer can reach into the screen, he is able to demonstrate exactly what the operator needs to do.
  5. The safety engineer and the operator can together diagnose and resolve potential safety issues.
  6. This ‘hands on’ remote inspection allows the safety engineer and the equipment operator to easily collaborate to ensure optimal operations prior to OSHA’s visit. 
  7. The OSHA inspector arrives to find the job site is safe and equipment is in compliance with all regulations.

The company was able to conduct a thorough virtual safety audit. This allowed the general contractor to not waste time and resources bringing his safety engineer off another job site. 

Remote Visual Assistance Enables A Virtual Safety Audit

The ability to conduct a virtual safety audit ensures safety issues are discovered in a timely manner before a problem occurs. Audits become easier to schedule between operators, safety engineers, and safety inspectors. Problems can be resolved faster keeping job sites safe, and project timelines on track.

Remote visual assistance software merges two video streams, that of the person onsite and the auditor or safety engineer. Both sides of the screen can engage in a merged virtual reality. This makes collaboration feel as if it’s in person, whether users are a block away or on another continent. 

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Remote visual assistance enables remote inspections, supporting several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience Leveraging A Virtual Safety Audit: 

  • Increased job site safety
  • Reduced costs for equipment repair
  • Compliance with safety regulations
  • Eliminate fines resulting from safety issues

Interested in learning about more use cases and how other companies are using remote visual assistance? Review our full list of 20 remote assistance use cases. Or download our shareable guide to remote assistance software use cases.

Contact Help Lightning to Learn What Remote Visual Assistance Software Can Do for Your Company

Virtual safety audits help make your company’s commitment to exceptional safety easier. Project teams can conduct audits and maintain optimal operations quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption.

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