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Remote Guidance Device: Technology that Improves Productivity Across The Enterprise

November 4, 2021

We’ll be the first to admit that use cases for Help Lightning as a remote guidance device might not be initially obvious in business units like human resources and finance. It is, after all, a technology that allows people to dynamically engage with one another via an AR-enabled shared video stream. However, use cases from thousands of users reveals that Help Lightning is technology that improves productivity across every business unit.

Help Lightning supports a range of key business objectives. For the most part, that comes down to the fact that Help Lightning delivers tools and workflows that improve productivity. Our team understands that the best outcomes come from companies that learn how to leverage technology across multiple business units. 

We are deeply invested in ensuring Help Lightning delivers ROI and supports key business objectives. You can read more about our evidence-based approach for effective adoption. You can also download a shareable PDF.

AR-Enabled Technology that Improves Productivity

Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance technology allows people to work together remotely from anywhere, but still engage as if they were in the same room. Using a shared video stream, users can reach into the screen to demonstrate how to fix, maintain, use, and build various types of equipment and machinery. 

So what does a remote guidance device have to do with your finance department? C-Suite executives? Human resources? Here’s how Help Lightning translates into technology that improves productivity across all business units and delivers on ROI:


  • Customer retention
  • New revenue opportunities/growth
  • Competitive advantage

By improving the overall customer experience, Help Lightning is proven to increase customer retention rates. Help Lightning enables companies to deliver faster, better service and gain a competitive advantage. It removes the barrier of product experts needing to be physically onsite with customers and allows technicians and experts to be better prepared to effectively resolve issues the first time. The ability to do so much work that was once considered ‘in person only,’ also allows companies to extend service capabilities and offer new types of service packages as an added revenue stream. 

Field Service & Operations

Help Lightning supports rapid response to customer needs, and also enables increased first time fix rates alongside decreased recalls and need for rework—all of these lead to greater customer satisfaction. Operational costs also go down as a result of being able to provide high-touch work remotely. Plus, cutting down on technician travel translates to a reduction in technician downtime.

Research & Development/Manufacturing

  • Shorter product launch cycles
  • Efficient interdepartmental communication 
  • Increased productivity

The ability for research and development teams to effectively collaborate on complex projects when project stakeholders are in different locations promotes shorter launch cycles. Merged video streams and AR-enabled tools enable team members to more easily work together, removing barriers resulting from different locations, time zones and scheduling. Everything from conception and planning, through to development and post-production audit can be engaged by team members for faster launch schedules.

Sales & Marketing

Companies that invest in technology that improves productivity and agility demonstrate a willingness to adapt to changing customer needs. Help Lightning further amplifies a company’s ability to improve customer service while minimizing operational costs and maximizing revenue streams. Customers clearly understand the value of working with a company that prioritizes rapid customer response times and efficient handling of any and all issues. Additionally, Help Lightning offers a range of impressive content that marketing teams can use in promotional materials. This includes videos, hands-on demonstrations, social media and much more. 

Human Resources

  • Employee experience
  • Attract new employees
  • Retain workers

Help Lightning supports a strong employee experience. Remote visual assistance makes it easier for technicians to do their jobs more efficiently from anywhere and keep their customers happy. They can focus on adding more high-value work, while minimizing downtime and mundane tasks. Additionally, incoming workers find it more appealing to work for companies that demonstrate a willingness to invest in innovative technologies rather than relying on outdated tools. Finally, a strong employee experience ensures you minimize turnover and retain talented workers.


With a more efficient process resulting from using Help Lightning, companies free up time to focus on revenue generation. Help Lightning provides new revenue streams and business growth, and also reduces operational costs and expenses. With real time analytics, tracking costs is easier including cost per call, time to resolution, first time fix rates and much more. Cost savings are supported throughout the company when using Help Lightning.

Connect with Help Lightning for Technology That Improves Productivity

Help Lightning improves company-wide productivity by making it easier to achieve key business objectives faster. Contact us to learn how a remote guidance device can deliver ROI based on your company’s specific business objectives. Our customer care team works closely with customers to develop a strategic plan for smooth and easy onboarding, metrics tracking, and quick results. Click here to connect with our team or sign up for a demo!

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