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Remote Equipment Installation Helps Factories Operate More Efficiently

August 3, 2021

Factories throughout the world are discovering that remote visual assistance technology effectively combats smaller workforces while helping gain efficiency. Remote equipment installation helps support workplace safety, enables teams to meet project deadlines, and supports operational reliability. Additionally, manufacturing companies using remote visual assistance software no longer have to send large, costly field crews onsite for installation or to follow up with any necessary rework.

How Remote Equipment Installation Works

Complex equipment installation in factories can face major delays, especially now with labor and materials shortages. Remote visual assistance software like Help Lightning makes it possible to remotely install equipment by enabling installation experts to virtually guide and support onsite specialists and engineers. Experts are able to provide coordinated instructions and training remotely for all onsite installation. This includes mechanical and electrical. 

Help Lightning’s merged video stream and augmented reality view allows all participants to virtually reach into the factory setting to assist and guide the installation. Communication, collaboration, training, very specific demonstrations, and answers to complex questions occur as if the entire group were in the same room together. 

What Remote Install Looks Like Using Help Lightning

Help Lightning is a remote visual assistance platform, allowing users to engage in a merged reality where both sides see the same view on their desktop or mobile device. Specialists can provide instruction that translates to quick and efficient installation of equipment, even when they can be onsite.

All personnel have the ability to reach into the screen, make annotations and drawings overlaid onto the shared view, and even include tools and parts in the view. 

An Example of Remote Equipment Installation in a Factory

  1. A factory is using Help Lightning to remotely install a new piece of equipment that will become integral to the factory’s assembly line.
  2. The appropriate onsite team has been engaged at the factory at each stage, including project engineers, trade specialists, project managers, superintendents, the plant and factory managers, installers, design engineers, owners, as well as operations and maintenance crew. 
  3. They are now at the stage of installation that requires welding and some custom fabrication.
  4. Specialists from the manufacturer are able to reach into the screen and show the factory’s team of welders exactly what they need to do.
  5. The specialists also use welding tools on their end. These tools appear in the view of the onsite welders. This allows them to get a very specific understanding of exactly where their tools should be used for the best possible outcomes.
  6. The onsite welders are able to complete their portion of the work with expert guidance within a few hours.
  7. The manufacturer’s specialists can accurately test and review the onsite welders’ work to ensure it has been done correctly. The specialists determine it is safe for the next team to complete their portion of the work. 
  8. The integrity of the welders’ work is confirmed and the next stage of installation can continue. 

Help Lightning make remote equipment installation possible for factories, even with small crews. This helps companies easily manage timelines, while also saving time and costs associated with traveling to job sites.  

Create Increased Efficiency In Factory Operations  

The ability to merge video screens and collaborate remotely enables quick communication, making adjustments or fixing problems in real time. Specialists can oversee and guide work down to very granular levels, not possible in 2D video calls.

Remote visual assistance technology supports several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for companies needing to install equipment:

The KPIs Help Lightning Customers Experience Using Remote Equipment Installation Include: 

  • Expedited project timeline
  • Risk mitigation
  • Reduced project costs
  • Effective procurement and materials management
  • Reduction in change orders and mistakes
  • Precise material purchases
  • Compliance with global standards

Interested in learning about more use cases and how other companies are using remote visual assistance? Review our full list of 20 remote assistance use cases. You can also download a shareable guide.

Contact Help Lightning to Learn More About Remote Equipment Installation

Help Lightning helps manufacturing companies easily deliver installation services to a range of companies. This includes complex, industrial equipment. Remote equipment installation reduces field labor costs, while speeding up project life cycles. Teams can conduct real time safety reviews and testing, as well as support virtual documentation to ensure proper installation and maintenance. 

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