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Merged Reality Customer Service: “How Can We?”

April 4, 2019

These three simple words are currently the ones I most often hear when working with customer service leaders today.

They usually lead to questions like:

  • “How can we reduce our service costs without compromising on customer outcomes?”
  • Or, “how can we increase productivity and efficiency without adding head count?”
  • “How can we improve first time fix rates in our technical support organization and field service team?”
  • Sometimes it’s, “how can we effectively train new hires by leveraging our experienced tech?”
  • “How can we increase customer loyalty, deliver better customer experiences, and retain and grow our clients?”

The list of “How can we…” questions is endless.

An Equally Simple Solution

And though there are no perfect answers to these questions, more and more companies are looking at Merged Reality solutions. Merged Reality helps to reduce costs, improve productivity, and maximize product up time. Importantly, this drives stickiness between a company and its customers.

Today, Help Lightning is helping provide answers to those “How can we…” questions.

Using our Merged Reality and Virtual Interactive Presence solution, service organizations are fixing customer problems remotely. This software allows a tech to see the problem their customer or field tech is having. They can then virtually reach out and touch the problem, as though they are standing right next to them.  Our patented technology has been a game changer for companies like Otis Elevator, RICOH, Becton Dickinson, Diversey, Boston Scientific, BUNN and others.

Commitment to Merged Reality Customer Service

As Merged Reality Customer Service continues to grow, we have found that remote guidance solutions are not really about the technology. In fact, these are change management and adoption problems. Realizing that these are big challenges for prospective customers, Help Lightning created a Customer Success team. This team is responsible for ensuring that our clients are successfully embracing, adopting and expanding the use of Help Lightning. The team provides fast time-to-value and a healthy return on investment.

We proactively work hand in hand with our clients to understand their program goals and objectives. Focusing on critical use cases provides the quickest time-to-value. We identify performance indicators that will be positively impacted by the use of our Merged Reality solution. Fully understanding that mindset change and service change are at the root of all successful Merged Reality initiative, our consulting division has spent the last two years compiling best practices in service transformation and service change and works with our clients, teaching them the 8 Steps To Effective Merged Reality Adoption.

The Stories to Prove It

Our customer successes are many:

  • We recently helped a large field service team fix a problem remotely. This saved them $8,000 in parts and labor.
  • Oxford Instruments reduced field service costs by $15,000 in the first month of using our Merged Reality solution.
  • Becton Dickinson has seen an increase in CSAT in their Technical Support organization since they began using our solution
  • Another service organization is saving between 5-10 truck rolls per week, at an average cost of $117 per roll. That is a monthly savings of between $2,400 and $4,800.
  • Finally, we helped one of our clients reach increases in productivity and operational efficiencies. Because of Help Lightning they were able to reduce the number of new Field Service Technicians from 20 to 10. They saved approximately $1,000,000 in labor costs!

The customer service marketplace continues to change. Service transformation is a way of staying competitive. Help Lightning answers that question of, “How can we…” with, “Like this.”

To see how Help Lightning works, schedule your free demonstration.

Written by Evans Manolis, Senior Consultant, Help Lightning

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