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Lightning-Quick Field Service Call Leads to Satisfied Customer

February 23, 2021

During social distancing, we helped to retool and reinforce Canon’s first-class service with the Help Lightning application. Help Lightning is dedicated to helping companies everywhere provide a lightning-quick field service call.

No one understands the power of the Help Lightning application better than Fabiano Marino, a Senior Digital Service Engineer at Canon.

One day, Fabiano responded to a service request from an important customer, who was experiencing an issue. While in the middle of producing booklets, the sheets running through their machine were jamming upon entering the booklet maker.

After just two days of experience with the Help Lightning application, Fabiano weighed his options. He recognized, given the customer’s location, that the tool could help fulfill the expedited request. Instead of making the long trek north, a round trip of more than four hours, Fabiano knew the Help Lightning tool had the power to help him get the customer’s machine up and running swiftly. He proactively initiated the Help Lightning My Help Space link with his contact and began to correct the issue.

“I used it to interact with the customer as he ran the machine. I pointed to an area inside the device with the telestration function to have him move the camera closer to the area that the paper was jamming,” Fabiano said. “Then, I had him scan the area where the press meets the booklet maker with his camera. At that point, I saw some anomalies with the way the unit lined up with the machine. It looked like the unit’s alignment was off. I had the customer fix the alignment and had him run the booklets again. At that point, the machine started working perfectly!”

A Happy Resolution

What would have amounted to a seven-hour service call, instead took roughly 90 minutes to complete! More importantly, the customer loved the performance of the application and the quick service it enabled. They thought the tool was an incredible alternative to waiting for a technician to arrive on site.

“In addition, I helped a technician with a product which he had minimal experience with,” said Fabiano. “I guided him using the telestration functions of the application, as well as the virtual interaction feature, using my finger to point out what to remove to access a certain part of the machine.”

Fabiano’s implementation of the Help Lightning application is a shining example of the ways in which this innovative tool can help make our workday more productive, while, most importantly, providing our customers with unparalleled service. If you have questions about Help Lightning, read our answers to your remote assistance questions.

Reprinted with permission of Canon-USA

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