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Increase Lab Equipment Sales With Remote Assistance Software

March 30, 2021

The manufacturing of lab equipment is a monumental endeavor. It certainly isn’t made any easier by the challenges of fixing and troubleshooting equipment once it is in consumer’s hands. To increase lab equipment sales, offer customer the power of remote support.

Without fail, the people purchasing laboratory equipment are either experts or on their way to becoming experts. This is likely in demanding fields such as the life sciences, physical sciences, or engineering. When something important breaks, your company must become the expert to the expert.

Benefits of Remote Assistance Software In Academic And Commercial Labs

What can shut down a laboratory entirely? If a key piece of laboratory equipment stops working as expected (either by user error or normal wear and tear).

For example, a biological lab using a faulty cell culture incubator cannot continue any of their experiments. Especially if they couldn’t keep cells in a controlled temperature and specific percent carbon dioxide environment. Or what if a single molecule lab experienced a malfunction in their atomic force microscope? There is no substitute that could stand in temporarily for equipment costing more than a mortgage. 

Increase Lab Equipment Sales By Reducing Risk

The need for technically proficient, near-immediate repair, servicing, or calibration of laboratory devices is skyrocketing. If you can offer easy access to remote visual assistance that rivals in-person repair, you will be instantly attractive to both academic and commercial lab environments. And you will lower their risk of that equipment being unavailable.

Academic labs are often working on tight budgets limited by their current grant funds and number of employed graduate students. Commercial labs may have more leeway, but they are operating under the company umbrella. They must meet strict quality and efficiency standards. In both cases, anything that interrupts progress needs to be dealt with as fast as possible.

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Keep reading to learn how AR-enabled video collaboration can transform your laboratory equipment service support.

Repair Or Calibrate Laboratory Equipment With Remote Help To Keep Users Confident

Scientists and engineers who have complex “wet” labs or hardware labs rely on many different tools in the course of their professional day. They are used to things malfunctioning, of course. But that doesn’t mean they are confident in their ability to make minor or major technical repairs.

The truth is that anyone who regularly manages or works in a lab is constantly dealing with issues that can impede progress. When you create a virtual assistance liaison for your equipment, you’re giving these experts a renewed sense of confidence that they won’t be saddled with huge equipment problems.

Empower Principal Investigators To Engage In Lab Equipment Repairs

In an academic setting, principal investigators end up managing students and researchers, writing papers, and developing grant proposals. They have to “put out fires” in endlessly complex areas all the time. The issue can seem as trivial as a broken pipette. It’s a small piece of equipment that is surprisingly expensive and needs to be quite precise. Or it can be as problematic as a defunct laser microscope.

Using AR-enabled remote assistance software, you can empower the head of a lab. You can help them to better understand how to resolve issues in their environment. You will take an enormous burden off their shoulders. Especially if you can teach them to easily and efficiently get solutions for laboratory equipment problems.

When you incorporate virtual assistance into your support and customer service network, you add an attractive bonus. Especially to those looking to grow or improve their laboratory workflow.

Future Outlook For Augmented Reality In Complex Laboratory Equipment Repair

Set-up and real time troubleshooting are both areas ripe for improvement in the laboratory equipment industry. The truth is that hardware is prone to errors. It needs updates, calibration, regular servicing, and repairs for outdated or overused pieces of the equipment. Users will expect this and need support.

Remote visual assistance is a novel way to provide this aid to laboratories. You’ll be able to set up a relationship with specific labs. This encourages them to continue using your products and expand to adopt more of your offerings. Learn about remote sales calls using remote assistance software.

Trust and reliability are major selling points for labs. This is because they spend a lot of time doing work that can be considered “mission-critical.”

This is especially true of biologics and pharmaceutical industries. If live samples don’t survive or are contaminated in some way, that can destroy months or years of work. For this reason, they need very involved and capable support. And when they need it, they need it yesterday.

Curious about the possibilities of remote assistance software? In addition to lab equipment repair, there are also strong use cases for remote assistance software in dental practices and in support of improved net promoter scores for medical device companies.

Learn more about the value of Help Lightning’s video collaboration services. Then schedule a live demonstration of our remote visual assistance software.

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