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Expand Knowledge Transfer Capability: Unisys Finds Success With Help Lightning

December 2, 2021

Expert level, high touch customer support is a core value for global digital services provider Unisys. This is to expand knowledge transfer capability for the company. A subject matter expert, however, was not always available to help customers and/or train technicians in real time. Now with Help Lightning, merged reality tools make knowledge transfer easy, effective, and efficient from anywhere in the world.

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As a company, Unisys has been able to expand the availability of internal experts. They can also elevate knowledge of customer-facing engineers and deliver exceptional customer support.

Technical Author, Trainer, and Enterprise Administrator Merged Reality for Unisys Darren Baker shares how Help Lightning has upleveled the capabilities and technical knowledge of Unisys technicians and engineers. 

“The environment we’re in, we’ve got to be at the cutting edge of new technology,” Baker says. “Help Lightning has reinvigorated my appreciation for my work. I smile when I go to work because I get to utilize a tool that is so exciting and so intuitive and the uses for it are endless. Not everyone is a smart subject matter expert, but with Help Lightning they can be.”

Expand Knowledge Transfer Capability for Customers

The success of Unisys is largely driven by customer success and customer interactions. Customers must receive quality care and have any issues resolved quickly. Prior to using Help Lightning, Unisys support was not able to always ensure an expert was available to provide needed service.

“One of the issues we have is that not everyone is a subject matter expert,” explains Baker. “We have a lot of brilliant people, but those brilliant people cannot be everywhere. We required a tool to bridge that gap. With Help Lightning we are now able to put a specialist at the point of contact that a customer service agent needed to help move a customer forward.”

Additionally, Baker says his team is able to do virtual walk-arounds. This helps them to introduce clients to the world of Unisys, which was something they could not do before. Clients have the opportunity to see how Unisys supports customers and what Unisys can offer to them.

Efficient Knowledge Transfer from Expert to Engineers

“Prior to Help Lightning, metrics for completing customer calls were fluctuating because the engineer didn’t have the skills, someone wasn’t available to support him, or the wrong part was diagnosed and we’d have to stop the call. Help Lightning fixed that problem. If an engineer has an issue, he can immediately call in a specialist to demonstrate what needs to be done. This on-the-job training means the next time he comes across the same issue he knows what to do.”

Efficient and effective knowledge transfer with Help Lightning is a huge cost benefit for Unisys. The ability to train technicians and engineers while they are on the job and in the field helps. This increases knowledge while also closing customer calls faster and increasing first time fix rates.

Help Lightning fixed that problem,” Baker says. “If an engineer has an issue, he uses Help Lightning to educate himself to close the call. And then moving forward, if he came across the same issue he’d be able to deal with it.” 

Leverage Availability of Subject Matter Experts

The merged reality remote assistance technology from Help Lightning enables Unisys to bring a subject matter expert everywhere they are needed, anywhere in the world. Whether in training or on site, engineers can dynamically engage with experts to get high-touch training and support. Additionally, Unisys uses Help Lightning to support customers directly.

“Help Lightning elevates the customer experience especially when we can get the client using it on their end,” Baker explains “If they have a problem, then do a call, but also for brainstorming or asking questions. Help Lightning is there and we can jump onto a call with all the subject matter experts and talk.”

Ready to Up-Level Support Capabilities and Expand Knowledge Transfer Capability?

At a non-work related seminar recently, Baker found himself in the unlikely position of having to entertain the crowd when one of the speakers was running late. With Help Lightning in his pocket, Baker decided a demonstration might be just the thing to fill the necessary time. He offered an explanation of merged reality and conducted a real time call with a colleague (on non-sensitive information of course!) to demonstrate what merged reality support looks like.

The result: deafening applause and 117 emails (and counting) in his inbox the following week.

“The only limitation is our imagination on how we can use Help Lightning moving forward,” Baker says. “Not everyone is an expert, but with Help Lighting everyone can be. It’s helping us move forward in a progressive, informative, and customer focused way.”

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