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Why Building Great Customer Relationships Is Easier With Remote Expert Guidance

September 16, 2021

If you want to build truly great customer relationships, you must figure out the underlying situational awareness and intentionality that allows them to grow. Managing customer relationships is a difficult task that must be met with organized strategies and appropriate tools.

As the use cases and efficacy of technology continue to rise, some organizations go the route of implementing tons of clever tools. Many end up overcomplicating the entire situation. Even worse, they may reduce the number of actual humans involved, leave customers without answers. They end up creating frustration where they could have created solutions. Because of this, we recommend using technology that allows your person-to-person interactions to be more efficient. Without removing those interactions entirely.

Make it easier for customers to get in touch with a real person for help with troubleshooting. You’ll drive customer loyalty and word of mouth referrals. But personnel are costly and can end up wasting a lot of time if they need to meet customers in person. This is why we suggest using a remote expert guidance tool. One enabled by augmented reality to ensure that customers can easily access expert help whenever they need it. Below, we’ll detail more about building great customer relationships with the help of remote expert guidance.

How To Be Available in Innovative Ways When Customers Need Help

Make experts available to solve your customers’ problems. It’s that simple, though the real-time implementation is a bit more challenging. Trained and knowledgeable employees are your greatest asset when dealing with customers. Tools like remote expert guidance allow those employees to free up more time for direct customer interactions. But how does the technology work? Remote expert guidance merges two real-time video screens and allows for 3D annotations using a simple platform like a tablet.

If you imagine the customer support pathway, it becomes clearer how this technology works to your advantage. Your customer calls the main support line and is routed through various automatic phone pathways. They get to a customer support employee who assesses the problem and connects the customer to the appropriate technician. Whichever technician is available can chat with them on the phone briefly and diagnose the problem. They can then set up an AR-facilitated video stream that resolves the problem.

When customers call needing assistance, they usually need it ASAP. They don’t want to schedule a time for later and wait for a couple of hours. It can interrupt their already hectic schedules with the uncertain arrival of a technician. The innovative solution is to figure out how to provide virtual yet effective assistance. Help them quickly and you will be empowering the customer to fix future problems on their own. And you will give them confidence in your ability to have a positive impact.

Important Metrics for Determining Customer Support Success

Measuring the success of customer relationships and support efforts is very important. You can set your sights on endless tools and techniques. But, if you don’t assess the results of integrating them, how do you know if they work as intended? There are a few metrics that are especially useful to measure.

These include:

  • how long it takes technicians to fix the problems they encounter
  • average time to resolution of a support ticket
  • average handling time for customers to get help from the time they first initiated contact

Unfortunately, it is common that the best intentions behind a new customer support tool get lost in the actual day-to-day experience employees have when using that tool.

Additionally, you’ll want to account for how well the various departments involved in customer support and troubleshooting work together. You can integrate tools like remote expert guidance into your company workflow in such a way that these departments can collaborate more easily. For example, consider how employees not working in the same office might communicate better using a video stream with annotated cues. They can collaborate on customer support issues and resolution strategies as if they were in person.

Great Customer Relationships And Customer Success

Customer service is the lynchpin of a successful company. This is even more true of businesses that deploy highly skilled technicians or personnel such as medical staff for complex problem-solving at a moment’s notice. Customers will recognize the difference when they interact with your customer support system because they will benefit from talking with real humans. They’ll feel valued and then reciprocate by remaining loyal and spreading the word about your amazing customer service.

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