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Increased Use Of Augmented Reality In Field Service: New White Paper

May 4, 2021

In a newly published white paper from Field Service News, learn how the usage of augmented reality in field service. is in the midst of seismic change – remote first service is set to become the default method of support. KPI tracking for service companies indicates a significant reduction in cost, improvement in margin and an increase in end customer satisfaction.

A virtual first approach also helps companies achieve carbon neutral goals.

While this may require significant restructuring of process, the technology implementation is straightforward and can leverage current resources, including devices used everyday by technicians. Technology adoption best practices can be applied successfully to support a successful launch.

Going forward, remote service first will become table stakes but the technology is now mature, efficient and easy to implement across the enterprise. The challenge will come in re-thinking the fundamental approach to service delivery. To reduce risk, look for a remote assistance software vendor that has the experience to avoid any early delays in creating value.

For more guidance, learn about the important role field service software plays by reading insights from the 2021 Field Service Industry Sentiment Study.

Highlights: Interview With Gary York and Evans Manolis Of Help Lightning On Use Of Augmented Reality In Field Service

You can hear Gary York and Evans Manolis offer their perspectives is this video interview.

Perspective: Gary York

“Most people don’t have smart glasses, but all of us have a smartphone in our pocket. We believe it’s incredibly important to use the devices that are already available. This allows somebody to interact without even having to download an app. A user can literally join a Help Lightning call by simply clicking a link in an email.”

“We’ve looked at every point in which there potentially could be friction; from the customer to the call centre all the way to the domain experts and the field techs. You can remove friction at each of those points through integrations. These are essential steps that allow the technology to work seamlessly. It makes it easier to improve those efficiencies by reducing the complexity often associated with using new technology.”

“We have a lot of tools that allow us to integrate with field service management solutions. We also integrate with customer relationship management solutions and with call center platforms. There are also integrations with various mobile apps.”

Perspective: Evans Manolis

“The traditional process of having a call coming into technical support, undertaking some initial triage potentially escalating the call to level two and then automatically dispatching an engineer, that’s now going away.”

“We have a number of our customers that have adopted a rule within their service process. It says they will not dispatch until they have their technicians eyes on the problem. Until they start a remote visual assistance call, they will not dispatch.”

“This approach has two key benefits, firstly, it leads to more remote fixes. Secondly, if you are going to dispatch you know the nature of the problem clearly. You’ll see what parts may or may not be needed and you have a better understanding for the field engineer that when they get on site. They know exactly what you’re going.”

Highlights: Interview With Clay Barker Of Revolution Retail On Use Of Augmented Reality In Field Service

You can hear Clay Barker offer his perspective is this video interview.

“The solution is very intuitive,” Barker explains, “so it wasn’t a complicated training session. In our learning management system, we built a computer based learning module. We rolled it out to the floor, and just let the team see it. We trained everybody on it, and we then gave it a week or so to see what we were getting in terms of adoption.”

Download the complete white paper now courtesy of Field Service News (requires a free subscription to FSN Premium).

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