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Announcing our 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Remote Visual Assistance Software

The world of remote visual assistance (RVA) technology changes rapidly. This includes features being introduced along with the innovative ways customers are using this technology. With world-wide in-person service restrictions resulting from the pandemic, use of RVA software accelerated. Even in areas where restrictions eased, RVA remains the preferred mode of service and support as it allows for faster and easier collaboration with clients and colleagues. Most importantly, companies leveraging RVA experience improved Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), while reducing costs and adding new revenue streams.

Users of RVA technology are still considered early adopters, although the technology itself is well established. Help Lightning provides an annual Remote Assistance Buyer’s Guide as a resource for companies seeking to better understand how this technology can and should best be applied to their specific business objectives. This guide offers insights on what to look for in RVA, as well as a new features added over the last 12-months.

What’s Inside the Guide?

Help Lightning’s 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Remote Visual Assistance Software includes:

Key Trends Shaping RVA

Adoption of RVA technology is driven by a range of factors, from shifting employment trends and greater reliance on contingent labor, to a commitment to continuous improvement and emerging outcome-based business models. The guide explores how RVA factors into each of these critical business trends.

Use Cases for Remote Visual Assistance Software

RVA is an incredibly versatile technology with a diverse range of use cases across nearly every industry and business sector. This guide discusses many of the use cases we see among our customers, including unconventional use cases that are resulting in more cost-effective ways to manage business operations and customer support.

Access and Communication

One of the reasons RVA is so effective is because it’s incredibly easy for the giver and receiver to use. All features related to access and communication are discussed, including the ways in which these features can be used.

Knowledge Authoring and Management

RVA technology also includes advanced features that promote high-level collaboration and rich, multi-use knowledge banks. Businesses are using these features to effectively automate and facilitate services, helping deliver exceptional remote support to their customers.

System Administration

All features related to critical support system administration are included, demonstrating exactly how RVA technology seamlessly integrates into your company’s CRM and other processes.

Vendor Competency

This section explains exactly how and why Help Lightning’s RVA technology is user-friendly, while still robust with outcome-oriented features. A lot of thought goes into ensuring ease of use, as well as how to support ROI for Help Lightning customers.

Access Help Lightning’s 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Remote Visual Assistance Software

Help Lightning’s 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Remote Visual Assistance Software will help you understand exactly what RVA is and how it can be applied to your business model. 

Click here to access the 2022 Buyer’s Guide, and learn how RVA software can improve your customer experience while saving your company costs and adding new revenue streams.

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