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The Case for Remote Expertise

As a result of an ongoing technology explosion, increased competition, and reduced margins, meeting the desired goals of customer satisfaction and services profitability remains a major challenge for many organizations. What is your organization doing to run its field service operations more effectively – and cost-effectively?
  • Topic
    The Case for Remote Expertise
  • Duration
    45 min
  • Hosted By
    Bill Pollock, President of Strategies for Growth

Join Bill Pollock and Help Lightning to learn:

  • What the leading global Services Organizations are doing with respect to embracing – and incorporating – new technologies into their services operations
  • What the real benefits are associated with moving to a Remote Expertise service delivery model
  • What obstacles and potential pratfalls you might experience along the way
  • How to emulate the strategic and tactical actions presently being taken and/or planned by the leading Services Organizations

Bill Pollock is President of Strategies For Growth℠, a research analyst and consulting firm based in Westtown, Pennsylvania USA. Previously, Bill served as President and Chief Research Officer (CRO) at The Service Council; led Aberdeen Group’s Strategic Service Management Practice, holding the title of Vice President, Principal Analyst; and was Managing Analyst, Services Industry at Gartner.

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