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How Global Medical Technology Company BD Uses Help Lightning to Deliver Remote Customer Support

August 19, 2021

Medical technology company Becton Dickinson (BD) required a solution that would allow technicians and engineers to deliver high quality, precise remote customer support and employee training in a virtual setting. With more than 70K employees serving customers throughout the world, this includes maintenance, repair and training on highly complex medical equipment. 

Help Lightning’s Remote Visual Assistance software provides real-time video collaboration enabling company experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help, anywhere in the world. The platform enables BD to provide remote support using a merged reality view that’s as realistic as in-person, even when handling highly complex problems. It also allows BD to remotely train customers and internal technicians and engineers.

We spoke with EU System Support Engineer Level II, Stefano Bonelli, on how BD leverages Help Lightning to support and train customers and internal employees throughout the world. Learn how BD earned excellent net promoter scores during the pandemic.

Remote Customer Support 

Prior to onboarding Help Lightning, BD’s technicians and engineers had two ways of helping customers remotely. The first was a solution that could overtake the customer’s computer, but this did not extend to physical equipment or components. The second was over the phone, which made it challenging to provide granular guidance to customers. 

“Help Lightning was a game changer because we can now see exactly what the customer sees,” Bonelli explains. “The merged reality allows us to point to the same image and explain what to do. It is very impactful, and customers generally love it. Many customers in need of support now request Help Lightning.”

Help Lightning’s merged reality screen is a 3D shared view that can incorporate tools and annotations overlaid onto the screen. This enables precise instruction in helping customers, and provides a highly supportive experience that feels hands-on.

“Help Lightning gives us an advantage because we can see what the customer sees and can guide them through the procedure,” Bonelli says. “We can be very specific, showing each part and how to fix it.”

To see Help Lightning in action with a BD customer, check out the support video they created.

Train Remote Teams from Anywhere

BD initially onboarded Help Lightning as an internal training tool for engineers and technicians before using it to help customers. Before starting, Help Lightning worked together with BD to ensure the platform was entirely compliant with GDPR regulations.

Remote training boomed during the pandemic, and it continues to be a go-to solution even as travel restrictions and lockdowns start to ease.

“Help Lightning was critical during the pandemic,” Bonelli says. “Everyone was on lockdown and we could not go train onsite, especially in hospitals. Without Help Lightning there would not have been a solution for training. It really made all the difference.”

Resolve Problems Faster

If a remote customer support solution cannot be found, help must be sent to the site. Sending onsite support is not ideal for a global company, as it’s expensive, time-consuming, and is now additionally challenging with pandemic-related travel restrictions and strict hospital visitation policies.  

BD finds Help Lightning makes in-person support more efficient, because BD engineers and technicians are now able to do a full review of the problem remotely. A pre-visit Help Lightning call shows what parts and specialists are needed. This allows BD to arrive onsite fully prepared to resolve the problem quickly, saving on time and costs for BD and their customers.

“We are able to see the problem and diagnose it before sending an engineer,” Bonelli explains. “With Help Lightning, we can pinpoint problems and the parts needed. The more prepared they are, the better for us and for our customers.”

Help Lightning is Integral to BD’s Remote Customer Support

Help Lightning is part of BD’s comprehensive support package. Bonelli says customers are sometimes skeptical in the beginning, but he explains all they need is a smartphone and a good WiFi connection. The first time they use it, they are amazed.

“Help Lightning reduces time for troubleshooting,” Bonelli explains. “Our customers are running multiple lab instruments and cannot waste time spending several hours fixing something. We can usually help in 10-20 minutes. The next time they call, customers specifically request Help Lightning.”

Bonelli also appreciates the high level of customer care BD receives from Help Lightning. “If there is a problem or issue, someone is immediately available to help us. The service is really good.”

You can download this success story as a shareable PDF.

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