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Remote Service: QR Codes in Healthcare and Other Industries

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Effective remote service means helping customers in a way that easily fits into their workflows. If your customer has a bad experience trying to get help, they’ll remember it for a long time. Remote assistance technology removes barriers to customer care and QR codes are a powerful complementary tool for remote-first service that give instant access to support. When remote assistance software is used in tandem with QR codes in healthcare and other industries, companies can reduce vehicle trips, save money and move closer to reaching their carbon neutral goals.

A quick response code, or QR code, is a barcode that can be placed anywhere and read by mobile phone cameras. Users don’t need to download anything extra to use QR codes; all they have to do is open their camera app, point, and click. The smartphone reads the QR code and initiates the appropriate action, like opening a web page or starting a phone call.

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QR codes got their start in the manufacturing industry. They were first used to track cars through plants. Today, they’re used just about everywhere, from restaurants to assembly lines. QR codes remain a constant presence in manufacturing and inventory management, and they’re now used in nearly every business vertical.

Help Lightning customers are leveraging QR codes to boost their remote assistance software ROI (Return On Investment) and deliver outstanding support for their customers.

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QR Codes for Remote Field Support Services

QR codes are an ideal tool to pair with enterprise collaboration tools like remote visual assistance technology. Now that just about everyone has a smartphone at work, service providers can use QR codes to offer an extra touchpoint to their customers.

QR codes are highly customizable, storing precise data and linking to user-generated directives. Today’s QR codes can even match your company’s branding. Branded QR codes help customers know what they’re scanning for. These days, anyone with a smartphone can use a QR code — there are no extra apps to download and no extra technical expertise required.

While QR codes have been around for a while, their use surged as a touch-free solution during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants are using QR codes to link to digital menus while retail shops use them for touchless payment and services.

QR Codes in Healthcare

QR code use has risen dramatically in the healthcare industry. Codes can be added to patient wristbands so doctors can instantly access information like prescriptions, timing of medication, allergies and more. Patient QR codes also facilitate easy check-out procedures and faster patient processing.

Now, medical equipment manufacturers are adding QR codes to their products so clinicians can quickly access product instructions or product support. Remote visual assistance software allows device and equipment providers to assist medical professionals remotely from anywhere in the world. Clinicians can easily scan QR codes on medical devices and complex machinery any time they need help.

As we see more and more QR codes in healthcare, pairing them with remote visual assistance software will mean more efficient use of medical equipment and improved patient care.

How Help Lightning Facilitates QR Codes for Remote Service

QR codes for remote-first service make troubleshooting easier by instantly initiating a service request. Aside from the brand or model of a product, QR codes also track serial numbers, part numbers, lots, inspection dates and other critical information. Users can get very specific when they initiate a service request. Equipment information is instantly available to the service provider so they arrive to the call prepared.

Using QR codes with Help Lightning is so simple! Our team helps users and customers find strategic ways to contact product support through codes. In many remote assistance software use cases, Help Lightning customers add QR codes directly to their machinery and to connect customers with the help they need faster. Anyone using the machine can use their phone or even smart glasses software to scan the code and start a Help Lightning call with the manufacturer’s support department.

Contact us for a few examples of QR codes in use!

Equipped with the data stored in the code, support staff start the call already knowing exactly which machine needs service. This includes the make, model, serial number and which provides any machine-specific history that could make troubleshooting easier. The customer and support personnel can then work together to resolve problems quickly using Help Lightning.

This point-click-shoot approach for instant augmented reality field service delivers a high-quality customer experience. If a customer has an urgent customer service request, QR codes can help expedite getting them the help they need.

Contact Help Lightning to Start Using QR Codes

Click here for a no-obligation demo of Help Lightning! A skilled customer care representative will show you how Help Lightning can help you use QR codes in healthcare to deliver high-quality field service remote support.

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