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Remote Assistance AR: 28 Days of Practical Use

March 1, 2019

Our CEO, Gary York, is not only a tech innovator, serial entrepreneur, and marathon runner; he’s also an Augmented Reality and remote assistance AR aficionado. Throughout the month of February, he explored the brighter side of this break-through technology and tweeted daily about practical AR use through the comments and observations of some of our Help Lightning users. You can follow his journey here…

Remote Assistance AR By Week

Week 1

Improve CX “…one of the best, if not the best customer service experiences I have had. I was amazed at the technology and the promptness in which this issue was resolved.”

“Help Lightning was the only way I could have verified what was broken and what needed to be done.” – System Support Engineer

“We couldn’t have done it without Help Lightning.” – Field Service Expert

Read how BD has transformed the Customer Experience and Service Performance:

“Help Lightning saved the day! Without this technology, it would have been tough if not impossible to provide the assistance to correctly install the tray heater.” – Technical Support Specialist

“this was a win-win-win-win. We turned a potential customer complaint into customer confidence!” – Senior Systems Specialist

Install child safety seats correctly with a remote expert!  

Week 2

Help Lightning is being used to provide post-surgical patient care.

“It takes 5 minutes to train my internal folks… and just as quick for our customers to pick up the immediate inherent value”

“We are seeing huge internal efficiency gains when it comes to fixing complex problems the first time, avoiding dispatches altogether.” Download this BUNN case study.

“This is a no-brainer because you actually don’t have to be there half the time.” – Meg Whitman

“We see it as a real game changer in the way we are able to provide service to our customers.”

Customer quote: “We’ve heard ‘Cool’, ‘Amazing’, and ‘I wish we could have this before.’

On ValentinesDay, a light-hearted look at how AR can make you a Rock Star Employee

Week 3

“A substantial problem solved in about 10 minutes instead of a few hours, avoiding a dispatch” – Applications Specialist

“I would recommend the use of Help Lightning on every customer interaction if possible”

“Help Lightning was my eyes to get my customer running again.”

From the Bunn Innovation Briefing, “We’ve built a program for the customer to demonstrate value, which essentially steals business from our competitors.”

Hear Siemens tell their AR story (free webinar). “accelerate knowledge exchange, improve uptime, and reduce costs with the ultimate goal to create value for customers” 

Oxford Instruments uses Help Lightning (as LiveAssist) to improve uptime with virtual presence. 

“Sometimes things are unclear during a conversation. It is easier to simply connect through Help Lightning and see exactly what is happening” – Field Service Expert 

Week 4

“Help Lightning puts RICOH in a completely different category from their competitors and is a key offering that clearly differentiates them.”-Industry Analyst 

Diversey reduces truck rolls, increases first-time fix rates, and reduced time to resolution for Customer Service. Download (free) Innovation Briefing to see how. 

We have been able to save the cost of putting a Field Service Tech on a plane by fixing customer issues remotely.” – Service Manager 

Today at Field Service Medical, Shannon O. Bray of BD presented on “Implementing Effective Remote Expertise: The Real Value of Merged Reality”. 

“Using Help Lightning with end users is not only easy but it provides a better customer support experience.” – Technical Specialist 

“This problem disappeared in a 27-minute Help Lightning call, likely saving 24 to 36 hours of control system downtime” – Senior Systems Specialist. 

Help Lightning “provides a better customer support experience”. @CondoleezzaRice 

To see Remote Assistance AR for yourself, schedule a live demo here.

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