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Using Help Lightning To Improve Field Tech Support

October 19, 2021

The question of how to improve field tech support is not just a question of better internal operations. It’s also a question of customer service, logistics, employee satisfaction, and revenue growth. As such, it’s a worthwhile endeavor to brainstorm ways on how to improve field tech support in order to see tangible, measurable growth in those other areas we just mentioned. 

Let’s explore how technology – specifically AR-powered remote software – can lead to better resolution rates, expedited onboarding, and improved direct support for your customers. 

Remote First Service (RFS) and Field Tech Support

What is remote first software? Well, it essentially uses augmented-reality enabled software to more easily accomplish a task or series of tasks. And it does this in a more efficient, optimized way. Let’s take an example. Say a field technician has been called out on an on-site visit of a big client. They get there, and realize that the problem is much more complicated than anticipated. 

Typically, calling out another, more sophisticated technician would result in a problem going unresolved for longer, as the first technician would need to communicate to management and peers that an expert will need to arrive on site in person. As expected, though, an expert is not waiting in the wings ready to drive out to any site at a moment’s notice. Instead, they’re likely being pulled in multiple directions at once, driving from site to site, and generally stretched thin  across multiple areas. How can we fix this?

To answer that question, let’s dive into the tangible ways in which remote first software may be able to lend a helping hand. And offer much-needed field tech support to your business. 

Improving Field Tech Support: 3 Likely Outcomes From Remote First Service

1. Increased first-call resolution rates

In the case of Help Lightning, experts don’t have to show up on site to help solve an issue. They can be looped in via video call. And, with the help of augmented reality, assist boots-on-the ground workers. Those struggling with more sophisticated problems in solving a particularly challenging issue the first time around

Helpful features that experts can leverage include the ability to point at objects, import documents and images into the call, annotate on screen, freeze the video, communicate via hand gestures, and add real objects to the video environment. 

2. Quicker (and cost-effective) onboarding 

The current labor shortages in the U.S. show no signs of abating. In fact, an economist from top-tier analyst group, Moody’s Analytics, estimates that labor shortages “could well play out over two, three years.” This, in conjunction with the fact that vocational occupations are struggling to be filled by many businesses, means that the current field technicians you do have may be stretched thin responding to service calls and training newly-hired staff. 

The solution? Cut out time in which your experts and trainers are on the road, traveling to teach trainees. Better yet, maximize the amount of people they can train, by turning to technology. Help Lightning’s AR-powered remote assist software allows users to merge video streams. This creates the feeling that everyone is essentially in the same room. 

3. Direct support to customers 

Use Help Lightning’s AR-backed software to empower customers to solve their own problems, without any on-site help needed. Let’s take an example of how this might play out in real life. 

Your equipment stops working. A customer reaches out to one of your representatives to get a field technician on site as soon as possible. But what if customers could show service representatives what they’re up against, in real time? What if your representatives could freeze images, point to specific locations, draw on screen, and use hand gestures. This will solve those easy to medium difficulty roadblocks that cost disproportionate amounts of your business’ time and capital? 

That’s what remote first service can offer. 

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