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Global Cleaning Technologies Company Diversey Leverages Help Lightning to Overcome Service Barriers 

October 14, 2021

With a reputation as an industry pioneer, cleaning technologies company Diversey is committed to innovations that best serve their customers. As a global leader of smart, sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene in both B2B and B2C markets, a core business tenet for Diversey is that their customers feel complete confidence in choosing Diversey products. With Help Lightning’s remote video support AR technology, Diversey provides a greater level of reliability for their customers and can now easily overcome common service barriers. 

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Help Lightning allows Diversey to improve connectivity with customers, as well as internally among technicians. It even helps Diversey technicians overcome language barriers with customers located throughout the world. Quick resolution times and accessible remote support delivers quality care Diversey customers can count on. Diversey’s customers feel confident that someone is paying attention to their needs and will solve problems quickly and effectively.

Demonstrate Complete Reliability to Your Customers

Diversey strives to provide customers with complete reliability, not only in their equipment but in service itself. The company chose Help Lightning to combat common industry issues that could impact clients’ productivity, such as technicians arriving onsite unprepared to fix a problem.

“Customers have work to do, and they have confidence that we will get the job done,” says Andrew Martin, Marketing Technology Global Portfolio Manager at Diversey. “This service is helping us build that relationship much more effectively… They know there is a person paying 100% attention to their needs right now.”

With Help Lightning, Diversey offers high touch support and faster resolution times. This results in customers feeling confident that their needs will be met quickly and efficiently. The company created its First Time Right (FTR) service policy with the requisite that technicians have a full understanding of technical issues and acquire the exact-right tools before arriving on site, allowing both Diversey and its customers to better manage their time. Help Lightning enables Diversey to streamline troubleshooting and uphold their FTR policy, no matter the client’s location. 

“When it comes to Help Lightning’s technology, it’s really about building a personal connection,” says Martin. “It’s about two people working on a problem at the same time so the customer truly ‘gets it.’”

Field Service Customer Satisfaction for Competitive Differentiation

Customers of cleaning technology companies prioritize quality service when choosing a vendor. Diversey’s use of Help Lightning establishes competitive differentiation, supporting operational readiness and Diversey’s service relationships with customers. 

“They want their chemical dispensers to work every time,” says Martin. “When you flip the switch, it works—if not, we can repair it in minutes. The faster we can tend to their solution, the better off for both sides.” 

Remote AR assistance technology ensures fast and effective support, saving time and reducing costs for Diversey and their customers. With increasing Help Lightning adoption across Diversey, the company has experienced:

  • 10% – 15% savings on truck rolls for service that would have been ‘no fault found’
  • 15% – 20% increase in first-time fix rates 
  • 20% – 30% reduction in resolution times 

Diversey is experiencing a strong Return on Investment (ROI) in using Help Lightning, and the company expects numbers to continue improving as adoption increases. This equals more field service customer satisfaction.

AR-Enabled Support Gets Experts “In the Room”

Help Lightning enables Diversey to ensure technicians can optimize service visits and expand support. Help Lightning delivers merged reality video streams allowing both sides of the screen to dynamically engage with the tool or piece of equipment in view of the screen. This can help train or support technicians while they are on site. It can also help customers who are in need of help with installation or resolving issues that arise.

Diversey technicians report greater confidence in their ability to effectively support customers, even if they have little experience working with certain types of equipment. With Help Lightning, an expert is always ‘in the room’ with technicians who require some extra support. This also eliminates the need for costly off-site training delivering field service customer satisfaction. 

“Our technicians have the confidence to fix problems when they have a slew of veterans in their pocket,” says Martin. “People have it, use it, and there is no learning curve. That’s what makes merged reality so incredible—when adding merged reality with our technicians and tools, it’s like someone is right there with them.”

Ready to Up Level Your Customer Support?

Diversey is a massive global company with customers located throughout the world. Diversey’s data illustrates significant cost reduction and time saved after implementing Help Lightning, and their results demonstrate a superior level of customer care. This translates to customers who feel confident in engaging their products and services, and support for technicians by experts going into any situation. 

Field Service Customer Satisfaction: Learn More

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