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Collaborate From Anywhere: How Siemens Healthineers Uses AR-Enabled Remote Assistance

December 16, 2021

With a need to collaborate from anywhere and with more than 2,000 agents in over 25 countries, Siemens Healthineers sought out an AR-enabled remote assistance tool that would enable their service experts to connect with field agents and customers. Help Lightning’s AR-enabled remote assistance software connects experts with technicians and customers around the globe. People connecting through Help Lightning can use the platform for complex and technical onboarding, for training, troubleshooting, and more.

Help Lightning creates an interactive environment that is user-friendly and intuitive, helping Siemens Healthineers gain efficiencies, boost overall customer experience, and reduce costs. As a global technology and service company in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine as well as digital health and enterprise services for healthcare providers, Siemens Healthineers now has the ability to dynamically connect field agents, experts, and customers within a merged reality setting that replicates an in-person experience.

Elena Grabmeier, Product Manager/Service Owner Smart Collaboration Service and Florian Haeger, Principal Key Customer Service Expert explain why they chose Help Lightning to empower remote collaboration, and the benefits Siemens Healthineers is experiencing as a result of using AR-enabled remote assistance software.

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Dynamic Customer Care Boosts First Time Fix Rates

As a global company, technicians with Siemens Healthineers help customers located throughout the world. With Help Lightning, technicians can interact with each other and with customers as if they were working side-by-side. Oftentimes, issues can be resolved without a costly, time-consuming onsite visit, as technical information can be shared and acted upon in real time. 

If an onsite visit is required, technicians can use Help Lightning for full scope understanding of the problem. Technicians arrive prepared with the knowledge and parts required to solve issues the first time. Fewer experts are required to travel to job sites together, with AR-enabled remote assistance software making collaboration more effective.

AR-Enabled Remote Assistance Enhances The Customer Experience

Now that Siemens Healthineers uses Help Lightning to help customers, fewer onsite visits are required and customers get the help they need faster. Faster response time and quick problem resolution is proving to increase customer satisfaction. Experts can be hands-on with customers to diagnose, solve and validate on the spot. 

Help Lightning’s interactive video feature enables experts to demonstrate troubleshooting, with hand gestures and tools pointing to specific issues. Customers feel well taken care of, finding the process efficient for both sides.

Additionally, language barriers can be an issue for global companies handling customer support. With Help Lightning’s AR-enabled remote assistance software, visual interaction and demonstrations remove those barriers to support more efficient international collaboration. 

Increase Profitability While Reducing Costs

Fewer site visits and improved efficiency allows Siemens Healthineers to optimize all resources and reduce expenditures. Siemens Healthineers experts are able to work side-by-side with each other and their customers no matter where they are located. Travel is reduced, with Siemens Healthineers able to cut down on site visits. Remote experts are available for customers to help resolve issues faster and with a more cost-effective model. An improved first time fix rate reduces the need for multiple site visits.

Collaborate From Anywhere: Connect with Help Lightning

Click here to connect with a Help Lightning representative, and learn how our AR-enabled remote assistance software can help. Remote visual assistance makes it easy to work virtually side-by-side with the people you need ‘in the room.’

Help Lightning customers experience a range of benefits that improve efficiency and profitability, including increased first time fix rates, new revenue opportunities, decreased operational costs, higher customer satisfaction, increased interdepartmental efficiency, and much more.

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