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Custom Integration's Remote Service Platform for People

  • March 3, 2020
  • Mike Giffin

The rise of remote service: Remote network access has transformed the service model for the Custom Integration industry. Platforms such as OvrC, IHIJI, Domotz and others enable remote monitoring, management, configuration, and troubleshooting—often without the client’s knowledge or the integrator’s involvement. Remote Expertise is proven to reduce truck rolls, minimize system downtime, enhance service contracts, and improve profitability. It simplifies life for CI teams and their clients. Integrators reduce truck rolls. Clients enjoy reduced downtime and fewer tech visits. Everybody wins.

Enter the network of people and things: Not all problems are detectable or resolved by cloud-connected solutions. Whether it’s a less experienced tech struggling with a network issue, or a frustrated customer who can’t remember which button to push, people problems still cost time and money. Remote monitoring technologies cannot completely replace the need for person to person interaction. Solutions often require expert techs to leave revenue-producing work and travel to the problem site.

There’s an app for that: Apps can now help resolve elevated issues remotely. There are many to choose from; but there are important differences. Most integrators I talk to simply use Face Time or What’s App for person to person connections. These apps add ISWYS (“I see what you see”) to a phone call. For accurate diagnosis and quick resolution, simply seeing a problem can be an improvement. Some integrators use Team Viewer’s Pilot. It goes beyond ISWYS, adding telestration (remote illustration – drawing lines or arrows and writing on the receiving screen). TechSee, SeeSupport, and SightCall are lesser known apps that also add telestration to ISWYS. Telestration improves Remote Expertise, allowing the expert to circle or point to, rather than merely describe, precisely what needs to be done. But they still leave something to be desired.

Is there a better solution? While ISWYS and telestration are helpful tools, they don’t completely close the gap. The only way to close it 100% is to roll a truck… until now. Help Lightning’s Remote Expertise tool virtually closes that gap providing AR-enabled remote guidance through patented Merged Reality. The remote expert can actually insert his or her hand—or tools, or pictures, or documents—into the help receiver’s video screen. This accelerates and simplifies the way knowledge is exchanged and problems are solved.

Using existing mobile devices such as iOS and Android, experts can now visually collaborate with a colleague or customer as though they were working side-by-side. You can telestrate, freeze images, use hand gestures, pictures, and even add real objects into the merged reality environment. With Help Lightning, service experts can show a resolution, not just describe it, even from thousands of miles away.

Seeing is believing:To learn more, see a video of Help Lightning in action, or request a live demo, go to www.helplightning.com

Mike Giffin – Vice President, Business Development. Accomplished Executive with 37 years of solid career progression in the consumer electronics industry

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