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Augmented Reality State of the Market: Research and Trends in AR Adoption

Today, AR can serve as an expert advisor to customer support and technical support staff, helping to accurately triage problems and quickly propose resolutions.
  • Topic
    Augmented Reality State of the Market: Research and Trends in AR Adoption
  • Duration
    60 min
  • Hosted By
    John Carroll, The Service Council

There’s little doubt that AR can provide significant benefits for field service operations. When a company expert can successfully pilot an FSE through a complex repair, while simultaneously training that FSE on the repair process so he/she can do it correctly and quickly the next time, that’s a huge benefit for the FSE, the service company, and most importantly, the customer. But AR is not just for FSEs exclusively. AR can empower and strengthen customer self-service as well. It can guide customers themselves through a repair process, solving a problem without the need to dispatch a technician.

Join us October 12th, to learn about the current state of the market in AR adoption and trends. You’ll learn what actual AR users reported through the recent Service Council research survey:

  • Nearly 80% have seen reductions in problem resolution times
  • 2/3rds report better-quality FSE training
  • 3-in-4 cite greater remote problem resolution and fewer dispatches

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