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Strong Language: How Merged Reality Overcomes Language Barriers

  • November 1, 2018
  • Help Lightning

English is the world’s most-commonly spoken language, but that doesn’t mean you can overlook the billions who don’t speak it. Just because a person knows some English, doesn’t mean it’s enough for them to handle complex technical issues or effectively solve problems. When you factor in the rise of emerging markets, which means emerging languages, you can see how complex things are starting to become.

As business grows beyond our borders, communicating globally is more important than ever. If the problem facing your organization is how to support customers through language barriers then Help Lightning software is the answer.

What if you could teach an international contractor to work on your equipment or show an overseas caller how to perform their own product repairs? What if you could handle validation issues across the world or teach the latest techniques without ever leaving home?

With merged reality software you can blend the real-time video streams of two parties into a single interactive environment. Then, your specialist can telestrate (write across the image), freeze images, use hand gestures and even add tools into the environment. Since, 80% of what we understand is through body language, not words, being able to physically show the solution is the key to “speaking” the same language.

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