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Remote Assistance Software Trends: A Conduit For Transformation

One of the most notable trends in the service industry over the past year has been the obvious need for and rapid growth of remote assistance software. While the pandemic has necessitated remote service delivery on a scale never before seen, the technology behind remote support isn’t new. In fact, pre-COVID, organizations were increasingly exploring touchless service and investing in remote assistance software for field service, call centers and technical support. What’s more, the attentiveness of remote support and the speed of resolution already had customer appeal. The pandemic simply thrust the versatility and value of the technology into the spotlight.

All of a sudden, what some saw as novel before, or maybe temporary during the pandemic, has now resonated as a smarter, more efficient and cost-effective way of doing business. For instance, we’re seeing medical device manufacturers turn to remote assistance to support hospitals and clinics. Automotive equipment manufacturers are using the software to support their industrial customers. Telecommunication service agents are using the technology to support customers in their homes. The list of industries now embracing the innovation behind remote assistance is long.  

To understand the full scope of benefits remote support offers, you first need to grasp the underlying technology. Remote assistance software creates a virtual environment where a person needing help “meets” an expert in real time to solve a complex problem. They can communicate instantly, regardless of geography.

There are three main technologies driving remote assistance software trends…

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