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Medical technology gives healthcare a shot in the arm

Digital tools, whether for data management and drug development or enhanced diagnosis and treatment, have sharply improved the response to the threat of infection and all sorts of disease.

More broadly, AI and machine learning are being deployed to help develop potential new drugs and to diagnose and treat patients. The UK government recently unveiled a £140m fund over three years to accelerate the testing and evaluation of the most promising AI technologies to support the NHS.

Boston Scientific 

The US medical devices maker implemented Ask Angie, a tool that uses Help Lightning’s augmented reality platform for engineers to advise on the remote set-up and repair of devices. This tool has increased in value during the pandemic by enabling hospitals to continue using devices when Boston Scientific representatives could not enter hospitals under Covid-19 restrictions. It is used for remote training and streamlines the supply chain as devices no longer have to be assembled on site by Boston Scientific staff.

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