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Fieldbit Adds Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Data Visualization Feature to Platform, Further Empowering Enterprise Field Service Technicians

Fieldbit, a leader in real-time augmented reality knowledge and collaboration solutions for field service workforces, today announced the addition of real-time data visualization (spatial computing) to its multi-source knowledge platform. Spatial computing empowers field service technicians and operators to more easily navigate in a crowded, multi-asset environment and to maintain, operate, and resolve issues more quickly and effectively.

Technicians and operators servicing oil rigs, refineries, and other process plants, can now easily locate specific devices or components via color-coded status alerts, operational instructions, data and IoT information on their mobile devices. Using smart glasses, tablets, or smartphones, technicians, operators, and even off-site managers can access real-time data and IoT information about machines – even when they are out of view and located behind or inside other equipment.

Spatial computing adds a new layer to the Fieldbit enterprise augmented reality platform and strengthens Fieldbit’s ability to provide industrial asset manufacturers and asset owners with additional tools to overcome the challenges facing field service technicians as they service expensive, complex equipment. “Fieldbit’s new AR Visualization feature makes it much easier for field technicians to see exactly where the problem is – with visual mapping that labels and pinpoints the exact issue,” says Evyatar Meiron, Fieldbit CEO. “Fieldbit’s role is to continue to create features and solutions that simplify the complexity that technicians face in the field each day so that they can easier resolve issues in real-time.”

Fieldbit’s innovative AR technologies enable the frontline workforce in remote locations to collaborate with subject matter experts and management in real-time via smart eyeglasses, mobile devices, and other knowledge sources. Interactive collaboration includes a shared “see-what-I see” field of view, step-by-step automated guidance through logical procedures for preventive maintenance, and APIs for augmenting industrial IoT real-time data or real-time data from legacy automation systems.

At a time when many companies are facing the loss of knowledge due to an aging workforce, Fieldbit’s software platform enables enterprises to create, capture, and share accumulated organizational knowledge once held only in the minds of a few experts. Fieldbit centralizes the knowledge and expertise, and makes it accessible to everyone, so that anyone on the ground can resolve issues. The democratization of knowledge is reflected in a unique, secure repository of practical knowledge that preserves AR interactive instructions, annotated videos, documents, drawings, and pictures. All Fieldbit solutions are GDPR compliant.

“Fieldbit continues to drive efficiencies at DCP through remote mentor AR capabilities. DCP has over 62,000 miles of pipeline spanning multiple states. Utilizing the remote mentor we are able to immediately troubleshoot problems by connecting with the right expert. This tool has led to a reduction in downtime,” said J.C. Chambers, Venture Associate at DCP Midstream.

Source: PRWeb

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