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Reducing the Cost of Downtime Whitepaper

Unplanned downtime is a leading source of lost revenue and reduced productivity for many manufacturing companies – not to mention a major headache.

downtime whitepaper

While unplanned downtime was once accepted as ‘this is just how it goes,’ technology advancements, like Remote Visual Assistance, are effectively reducing the risks and costs of downtime.

Together with Blumberg Advisory Group, we recently put together a comprehensive guide on reducing the cost of downtime: Remote Visual Assistance: The Optimal Last Mile Support Tool for Reducing the Cost of Downtime. In it, we explore the true costs of planned and unplanned downtime, how to calculate downtime costs, and we discuss impactful downtime scenarios many companies find themselves in. Additionally, we look at how companies can leverage Remote Visual Assistance (RVA) technology to optimize operations to reduce, and potentially eliminate, unplanned downtime.

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