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Help Lightning Whitepapers

Exploring Usage of AR In Field Service

Beyond the Theory: A Practical Exploration of Existing Usage of Augmented Reality in Field Service

Kris Oldland

20 Remote Visual Assistance Use Cases

How Help Lightning Users Are Improving Service Margins, Customer Experiences, and Much More

Help Lightning Editorial Team

Solving End User Reluctance To New Technology

A Field Service Leader’s Guide

Michael R. Blumberg

Tech Adoption Best Practices Guide

Technology Adoption in Field Service: A 5-Step Best Practices Guide

Michael Israel

Smart KPI Tracking Guide

Determining the KPIs that prove your company is meeting business objectives is essential for making smart, intentional business decisions.

Help Lightning Editorial Team

Touchless Service

A New Paradigm for Managing the New Normal

Help Lightning Editorial Team

The Silver Tsunami Survival Guide

Planning for the Loss of Expertise Among Field Technicians

Help Lightning Editorial Team