Enable your enterprise  by providing expert help to staff and customers using the best remote visual assistance software.

We've created an experience that is easy, intuitive, and accessible.

Help Lightning enables you to quickly solve problems for customers, assist newly on-boarded personnel, eliminate wasteful trips and differentiate the way your products are sold, implemented, and serviced.

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video collaboration tools

Video Collaboration Tools

We've eliminated the frustrations and inadequacies of phone or simple video chat. Our next generation video collaboration tools allow teams to troubleshoot in real time. The AR-enabled software adds missing visual cues, gestures, and non-verbal communication methods to any session.

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live video support

Live Video Support

An expert providing live video support can simply reach their hand, tools or other relevant objects into the field of view of the person receiving help. Either person can freeze images, add annotations, upload pictures using our patented and AR-enabled merged reality technology.

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visual support app

Game Changing Visual Support App

Our visual support app allows your company's experts to start helping others instantly. With a simple link sent through text or email, you can initiate a help session. Help Lightning runs on virtually every smart device, including the top smart glasses, and doesn't require an app download. 

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augmented reality software

Augmented Reality Software

Help Lightning's augmented reality enabled software runs on multiple platforms and integrates with your CRM. Help Lightning integrates into your existing processes and with a growing list of solution, service and technology partners.

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Get An Instant Return On Your Investment

Instant, accurate communication augmented by mobile merged reality and virtual presence will have a dramatic impact on your service operations. Help Lightning helps you proactively, efficiently and effectively attack hard costs that plague the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and customer interactions.

Talking to our customers, they see a dramatic impact on hard cost, opportunity cost, as well as the opportunity for a new source of highly profitable revenue. Customers can experience a 7 to 15 times hard cost savings for every dollar invested. Expert personnel can also see a 10 to 20% increases in efficiency.

According to the Aberdeen Group, 33% of service work orders require a second trip. Using remote visual assistance, you can eliminate 18% of second trips that are needed due to a lack of experience, alleviate 19% caused by limited access to information, and avoid 28% caused by wrong diagnoses.

How Our Customers See Return On Investment

We are seeing huge internal efficiency gains when it comes to fixing complex problems the first time, avoiding dispatches altogether.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

We are already seeing a 50% improvement in our ability to ship the right part the first time because we have eyes on that equipment.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

With Help Lightning, I’m able to give customers an “I’m here with you” experience.

— Manager, Service Operations

Enabling Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality Features

Merged Reality allows video interactions to have similar characteristics to in-person interactions.

These and other AR features include hand movement, gestures, visual clues, real tools/objects, annotation, drawing, pointing and pictures.

Multiple studies show that adding gestures and nonverbal clues substantially improves speed of understanding, resulting in an enhanced recipient/customer perception of overall experience.*

* Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

Research also indicates that nonverbal cues are 430% more effective than verbal cues and that nonverbal cues make verbal/nonverbal communication combination up to 10 times more effective.**

** British Journal of Clinical Psychology

Help Lightning Product Features

Merged RealityYesYes
Two Participant CallsYesYes
Face to FaceYesYes
Give or Receive HelpYesYes
Freeze Image and AnnotationYesYes
Manage ContactsYesYes
Enterprise Administration (users, groups, call history, export)YesYes
Web Browser AppYesYes
Give Help on a PhotoYesYes
My Help Space (URL) Participants launch directly into calls from a Mobile Web BrowserYesYes
One Time Use LinksYesYes
Six Participant CallingYesYes
Document SharingYesYes
Call Routing to Available ExpertsYesYes
Recorded Video and Key Images (60-day retention)YesYes
Smart Glasses SupportYesYes
Service Platform IntegrationNo*Yes
Single Sign On (SSO)No*Yes
API AccessNo*Yes
White Labeling App and ManagementNo*Yes
Custom Application IntegrationNo*Yes
Adoption Services180 Days Premium Coaching180 Days Enterprise Coaching
* Additional fees may apply

Customer Satisfaction

We chose to pursue a partnership with Help Lightning because of true ease of use.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

It takes 5 minutes to train my internal folks… and just as quick for our customers to pick up the immediate inherent value.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

We are really excited about introducing this technology into the way we work with our customers every day.

— Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

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