With Help Lightning, we have completely reimagined how businesses, customers and employees are able to give and receive help using merged reality.

We've made an experience that is easy, fast, intuitive and expansive.

We've eliminated the frustrations and inadequacies of phone or simple video chat, as well as dramatically reduced the need to drive or fly to interact in person. Whether you need to quickly solve problems for customers, assist newly on-boarded personnel, eliminate wasteful trips or differentiate the way your products are sold, implemented and serviced.

Customer Satisfaction

Help Lightning was instrumental in the performance of a timely and thorough decontamination process.

Applications Specialist

Help Lightning saved the day! Without this technology, it would have been tough if not impossible to provide the assistance to correctly install the tray heater.

Technical Support Specialist

Getting the customers' buy-in is very easy. Especially when you can show it.

Manager, US Technology Technical Service
Beyond Face-to-Face

Beyond Face-to-Face

Once you're in a merged reality call with a colleague, customer or friend, simply tap to change how you interact. Choose whether you're giving or receiving help, and start collaborating in seconds. Merged reality adds missing visual cues, gestures, and non-verbal communication methods to any session.

Giving Help

Giving Help

If you've selected Give Help, simply place your hand, tools or other relevant objects behind your device. You'll see your hand appear on top of your colleague's image. For best results, use a white background such as a wall or piece of paper. Telestrate, freeze images, use hand gestures, pictures and even add real objects into the merged reality scene.

Receiving Help

Receiving Help

If you selected Receive Help, position your iPhone, iPad or Android device over something you're working on, like a circuit. When the person you need help from reaches behind his or her device, you'll instantly see the other person’s hand, tools or relevant objects necessary to help, appear merged with your normal image view.

Affordability and Simplicity

Affordability and Simplicity

Download the app for any iOS or Android device and start helping and sharing ideas instantly. Nothing special is needed to start a merged reality session where the live video streams and telestration are combined and smartly intertwined to change the way a person can give or receive help. Add simple sign-up to powerful administration and management tools and affordable success can be there in an instant.

Instant Return

Instant Return 1
Instant, accurate communication augmented by mobile merged reality and virtual presence can have a dramatic impact on service operations. Help Lightning can help your organization proactively, efficiently and effectively attack hard costs that plague the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and customer interactions.
Instant Return 2
In research conducted by our own customers we have seen a dramatic impact on hard cost, opportunity cost, as well as the opportunity for a new source highly profitable revenue. Customers can experience a 7 to 15 times hard cost savings for every dollar invested. Expert personnel can see a 10 to 20% increases in efficiency.
Instant Return 3
According to the Aberdeen Group 33% of service work orders require a second trip . We are able to help eliminate 18% of second trips that are required due to a lack of experience, alleviate 19% of second trips caused by limited access to information, and avoid 28% of second trips caused by wrong diagnoses.

Return on Investment

We are already seeing a 50% improvement in our ability to ship the right part the first time because we have eyes on that equipment.

Sr. Manager, Global Service Technology

Before we signed our enterprise agreement with Help Lightning we had budgeted adding 20 field service engineers for the next year. We are now planning on only hiring 10 based on the efficiency gains we believe we will get.

Global Director of Marketing Technology

Thus far in Q2 we have saved $30,000 by eliminating global truck rolls through the use of HL. The quarter has not ended yet so I anticipate additional savings by quarters end.

Marketing Technology Global Portfolio Manager

Superior Communication Paradigm of Virtual Presence

Mobile merged reality allows video interactions to have similar characteristics to in-person interactions with the delay and cost-like adding interlaced hand movement, gestures, visual clues, real remote objects, telestration, drawing, pointing and pictures.

Multiple studies show that adding gestures and nonverbal clues substantially improves speed of understanding, resulting in an enhanced recipient/customer perception of overall experience.*

* Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

Research also indicates that nonverbal cues are 430% more effective than verbal cues and that nonverbal cues make verbal/nonverbal communication combination up to 10 times more effective.**

** British Journal of Clinical Psychology

Powerful Features

Merged Reality

Patented, live, mobile, merged reality video.

Telestration Tools

Drawing, arrows, virtual laser pointing.

Freeze Screen

For Elaborate, collaborative, moment-in-time, live discussion.

Quick Contact

Easy access, one click contact.

Admin Dashboard

Users, analytics, and settings in one at-a-glance view.

User Management

Add and manage new users with a single click.


Understand how your team uses mobile video.

Guaranteed Encryption

128-Bit Encryption for all video calls.

Customer Accounts

Easily give customers Help Lightning App access.

Enterprise Tab

See and manage your team within Help Lightning App.

Real-time Call List

See relevant information on calls as they happen.

Support by Real People

Support by phone, web, and Help Lightning app.

Help Lightning Product Tiers

Merged Reality
Two Participant Calls
Face to Face
Give or Receive Help
Telestration and Freeze Image
Manage Contacts
Enterprise Administration (users, groups, call history, export)
Web Browser App
Give Help on a Photo
My Help Space (URL) Participants launch directly into calls from a Mobile Web Browser
One Time Use Links
Three Participant Calling
Document Sharing
Call Routing to Available Experts
Recorded Video and Key Images (60-day retention)
Smart Glasses Support
Service Platform Integration *
Single Sign On (SSO) *
API Access *
White Labeling App and Management *
Custom Application Integration *
Adoption Services 180 Days Premium Coaching 180 Days Enterprise Coaching
* Additional fees may apply.

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