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Watch a few remote assistance software videos to learn how Help Lightning can positively impact the success of your field, manufacturing or contact center teams.

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— Merged Reality / Remote Assistance Software —

Help Lightning Overview

Help Lightning’s remote assistance software helps to improve first-time fix rates, extend the workforce capacity, and improve customer satisfaction. See how it works…

Remote Visual Assistance:
Be There Instantly

Help Lightning uses AR-enabled Merged Reality which allows experts to provide remote “hands-on” support.

HVAC Repair

Help Lightning provides AR-enabled software which allows an expert to reach into a technician’s environment and help resolve issues.

Zebra HD4000 and Help Lightning

Help Lightning’s Remote Assistance app allows product support experts to virtually interact in real-time within a technician’s field of view. It’s virtual “hands-on” assistance!

Remote Assistance for Genesys

Help Lightning provides customer service agents with the ability to virtually interact with a customer’s environment. This innovative technology improves communication, speeds problem diagnosis and resolution, and increases customer satisfaction.

Cincinnati “Hands-On” Technician Support

Cincinnati Inc uses Help Lightning’s Merged Reality to enable remote experts to guide technicians through repairs.

Autocar provides Remote Assistance support

Autocar uses remote assistance to support their customers. Help Lightning allows service expertise to virtual reach out and touch what their customers are working on.

UAB Youth Safety Labs

UAB Youth Safety Lab is using Merged Reality to help parents properly install car seats. Help Lightning is providing the technology.

Remote Assistance Healthcare Use Case

Watch a virtual dermatology visit as part of a remote assistance healthcare use case

— Training Videos —

Top 3 Features

Learn how to enter Merged Reality, Freeze the Image, and add On-Screen Annotations.

Help Lightning “How To”

Watch this video for a remote assistance software use guide to help you deliver better remote service.


Get a field expert on demand with Help Lightning’s remote assistance software.

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