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Born of Necessity

"I need to be able to..."
A phrase that starts many successful companies. Prominent Neurosurgeon, Dr. Bart Guthrie, needed superpowers. He needed to be consulting on cases, prepping support staff, collaborating with other physicians in surgery and meeting with patients: in other buildings, in homes, in offices across town, across the state, even in other countries all on the same day often in the same hour. And given the expense and reimbursement issues in health care, he needed innovation that wouldn’t cost an arm or a leg or require brain surgery to operate.
Global Leader

Global Leader

As a result instant, virtual presence was born. In fact, it was the genesis for a new product category for superior service and knowledge exchange called mobile merged reality. With over 15,000 users in 85 countries, our patented technologies and processes made us the global leader in merged reality within seven short years.

Mobile Solution Advantage

Mobile Solution Advantage

Using any iOS or Android device, you can start helping and sharing ideas instantly. Nothing special is needed to start a merged reality session where the live video streams and telestration are combined and smartly intertwined to change the way a person can give or receive help.

Endless Application

Endless Application

The uses of merged reality are endless; from live knowledge exchange to never before imagined consumer experiences. Giving better, faster help and care for customers and colleagues is universal. Using ordinary smart phones, tablets, or a web browser, you can add non-verbal, visual cues and critical human gestures to video calls for superior communication, collaboration and cognition.

Instant help. Anywhere in the world.

We call it Help Lightning.

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Help Lightning is one of those products that you really need to see it to believe it. To experience Help Lightning on your own device, simply complete this form to request a hands-on demo. One of our specialists will contact you directly.
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