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Born of Necessity

"I need to be able to..."
A phrase that starts many successful companies. Prominent Neurosurgeon, Dr. Bart Guthrie, needed superpowers. He needed to be consulting on cases, prepping support staff, collaborating with other physicians in surgery and meeting with patients: in other buildings, in homes, in offices across town, across the state, even in other countries all on the same day often in the same hour. And given the expense and reimbursement issues in health care, he needed innovation that wouldn’t cost an arm or a leg or require brain surgery to operate.
top remote assistance software

Global Enterprise Leader

With 160 customers and over 50,000 users in 90 countries, our patented technology and enterprise focus makes us the top remote assistance software for global enterprises. 

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Mobile First And Easy To Use

Using any iOS or Android device, your company's experts can start helping customers instantly. No special hardware is required to start a remote assistance call. Once connected, you can see, hear, and virtually reach out and touch what your colleague or customer is working on.

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Find A Use Case That's Right For Your Team

There are many great use cases for merged reality. Even better, the value comes quickly whether you are focused on field service, call center or manufacturing. With Help Lightning, customers see immediate performance improvements including an increase in first-time fix rates, fewer truck rolls, expanded workforce capacity, and an increase in end customer satisfaction while enhancing service revenue and margin.

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Giving Back

At Help Lightning, we believe in giving back to the community. We made the 1% pledge to make our software available to nonprofit organizations who can better serve their clients using remote assistance software. 

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