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Introducing new technology can present challenges for your organization. Therefore, Help Lightning has created a specialized program to drive success in your team’s service transformation.

Comprised of service thought leaders, Help Lightning’s Customer Success Team will work closely with you and your company as you roll out Help Lightning’s Virtual Expertise solution.

Customer Success Management

Intentional and Tactical. Our program ensures that your teams are getting the most out of their regular use of Help Lightning’s superior tool.

Meet regularly. Drive Usage. Communicate Success. Add Value!

Strategic Coaching and Adoption

Even the best technology does not guarantee Effectiveness. Incorporating a new solution into your process is difficult.
Our Success Coaches will guide you through a custom strategic plan that drives maximum user adoption.

Virtual Expertise Maturity Model

Once you have mastered the use of Help Lightning’s Virtual Expertise, our team will guide you through our Transformation Model that sets you on the path to transformational change.

Enterprise Platform Integration

At Help Lightning we understand the value of using an integrated toolset to guarantee that your customers are provided with the best customer experience. Our unique ability to integrate with your field service or call center platform promises your customers a seamless interaction with your teams.

Custom Service App Integration

Improve your customer experience by adding an instant help button to your custom service app. Your customers are one touch away from having the expert virtually standing with them and walking them through the most complex problems.

Help Lightning Integration

  • Help Lightning integrates with your CRM and connects service reps, customers, technicians, and experts into a virtual interactive environment. Problems are diagnosed and resolved remotely eliminating dispatches and lengthy down times and improving customer experiences.

Change Management:
5 Lessons Learned

Change Management processes are specific to organizational need, but there are five essential elements that are critical to successfully deploying new technology.
This helpful article, written by our Senior Consultant, Evans Manolis, provides a guideline for successful process transformation.

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