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Here's how Cox is helping you fix your cable.

  • USA Today

Due to the coronavirus and social distancing directives, cable firms will still send out a technician as a last resort, but they might not enter your home. Cox is working with Help Lightning, which can "provide remote assistance as though they're working side-by-side." Technicians can demonstrate by drawing on the screen and providing examples and directions on screen.

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Webcast- Remote Assistance 101 and How Field Service Companies are Using AR During the Pandemic

  • Field Service News

Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News is joined by Gary York and Evans Manolis of Help Lightning who discuss the practicalities of remote expertise as a tool for field service organizations. This was a jam packed session filled with many on point questions from an audience of over 180 field service professionals across the world.

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Press Release - Help Lightning launches Rapid Response Strategy in Response to COVID-19 Travel Bans

  • EIN Newswire

Help Lightning has launched a new Rapid Response Strategy in response to COVID-19 travel bans and quarantines. The Rapid Response Strategy will provide a fast-track for new customers to have a complete implementation of Help Lightning’s Remote Expertise solution up and running in less than 24 hours. Reaching beyond the frustrations and inadequacies of phone calls or simple video chat, Help Lightning creates a real-time virtual interactive work environment dramatically reducing the need for travel.

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Remote Expertise Provides OEM Techs with "Hands-On" Support

  • IMD Industrial Machinery Digest

Every member of the team at a manufacturing facility plays a crucial and indispensable role in the operation’s overall success, but no one more so than those responsible for keeping the machine tools not only up and running, but doing so at maximum capacity. Downtime must be avoided at all costs, and should it occur, it must be remedied ASAP. Remote Expertise is the answer.

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Making the Case for Remote Expertise Service Delivery

  • Field Service News

The findings from SFG℠’s 2020 Remote Expertise Benchmark Survey clearly reflect a strong level of receptivity and acceptance of Remote Expertise. More than three-quarters of respondents (80%) indicate that they believe Remote Expertise represents, or will represent, a fundamental shift in the way they deliver service and support to their customers. Even better, their respective confidence levels are fairly high with respect to those believing that their current (and planned) technology investments are sufficient to support Remote Expertise (61%); and that their business, headcount and service apparatus can support Remote Expertise (65%).

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5 Ways Remote Expertise is Delivering Value in 2020

  • Gary York for Field Technologies Online

Augmented Reality has been applied to Remote Expertise to allow subject matter experts to project their knowledge and skill to a remote colleague or customer requiring assistance. The technology merges the two live video streams into a single environment. This allows the expert to be virtually present and interact in real-time to help resolve a problem.

The simplicity of remote expertise makes it incredibly powerful for problem-solving. Why has Remote Expertise been so successful in producing value for service organizations?

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4 Top AR Knowledge Supplementation Startups

  • StartUs Insights

For our 4 picks of AR knowledge supplementation startups, we used a data-driven startup scouting approach to identify the most relevant solutions globally. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 4 interesting examples out of 130 relevant solutions. Depending on your specific needs, your top picks might look entirely different.

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Help Lightning Helps Parents Install Car Seats Correctly

  • WBRC News

Surprisingly, nearly 80% of car seats on the road today are installed incorrectly. UAB Youth Safety Lab is working in collaboration with Safe Kids International to help improve these statistics. They are using Help Lightning's Merged Reality to connect parents in remote locations with car seat installation experts. The results are impressive.

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Five Providers of AR in Field Service Named IDC Innovators

  • Businesswire

A new IDC Innovators report profiles five companies that provide augmented reality (AR) applications allowing manufacturers to close the gap between remote field workers and real-time intelligence to deliver resolution.

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Help Lightning Strikes Success Using Nexmo Video API

  • Nexmo Platform

Many of Help Lightning’s customers manufacture relatively complex pieces of equipment. To support these kinds of users, companies typically offer an 800 number that connects to a call center. If an issue can’t be resolved over a phone call, then a field service technician must be dispatched to help. However, that process can be extremely time-, cost- and labor-intensive for the manufacturer and end up offering a poor experience to their customers. Therefore it is imperative to fix the problem as quickly and effectively as possible. Using Help Lightning has proven extremely beneficial to such companies.

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